2015 Holiday Gift Guide

If there’s one time of year that I love the most, it’s the holiday season. This is actually my first post of the holiday season! I cannot wait for all of the posts I have planned for December. You better be ready. Anyways, back to the point of this post. I love looking at gift guides and wishlists because they always seem to have something for everyone. Now this gift guide isn’t specifically for bloggers, but these are the things that we like. I think any of these gifts would work well for really any girl. You can click on all of the images in this post and it will take you directly to the website where I found them! Enjoy!

holiday gift guide friends

For friends, I really like to focus on things that they’ll use on an everyday basis or would be helpful in their life. I keep track of things that they say they’d like whenever we’re out, and then I can go back later and surprise them! I’d much rather give them something like stationery or makeup brushes than a gift card somewhere.

holiday gift guide stationery holiday gift guide stationery holiday gift guide stationery

STATIONERY. This one is my favorite. I love to have a collection of thank you cards and blank note cards for me to use all year round. Pretty designs and fancy gold accents really take stationery to the next level. Check out my stationery for pen pals post to find out where to find awesome and cheap stationery. Wow, how many times can I say stationery in one paragraph?

holiday gift guide bath & body works body lotion

HOLIDAY SCENTS. Vanilla Bean Noel is my all-time favorite scent ever released by Bath & Body Works. I wear this through February. Even if you don’t want to get holiday scents for your friend/loved one, body creams are always a great option.

holiday gift guide essie nail polish

NAIL POLISH. Holiday colors are a must have for winter and the holiday season. I personally love receiving nail polish for Christmas. It’s something you can wear all year round, and when you wear it, you’ll always think of the person that gave it to you!

holiday gift guide fuzzy socks

FUZZY SOCKS. Ok, what person doesn’t like fuzzy socks?  I wear fuzzy socks 24/7 and am constantly needing new pairs. These adorable bunny ones are from Old Navy. You can click on the picture above to go to their website. They have so many cute patterns and animals!


TO-GO COFFEE MUGS. I’ve become slightly addicted to coffee since being in college and I always take it to class with me in the mornings. If you know a coffee lover or tea lover, to-go mugs are always a great gift! These are from World Market.

holiday gift guide target coffee mug holiday gift guide target coffee mug

COFFEE MUGS. I always seem to have way too many coffee mugs for one person, but they’re all just so cute that I can’t help but want more. These are from Target and I am IN LOVE with them. In fact, these are on my own Christmas list!

holiday gift guide makeup brushes

MAKEUP BRUSHES. If you know a makeup lover, you know they can never have enough makeup brushes. I love makeup and makeup brushes. I highly recommend these from Sonia Kashuk. The quality is amazing, and can we just note how stunning these are?

Do you have any other Christmas or holiday gift ideas? Leave them below! I’m always looking for some!

-Abigail T.