Travel Essentials

Hello internet friends! As I was on the plane a week ago coming back from Denver, Colorado, I kept thinking about all of the travel essentials I can’t live without. There’s nothing worse then getting on a long flight or car ride and realizing you forgot your headphones or a book. I always make sure I have the following items whenever I’m traveling somewhere!

travel essentials

Headphones & Portable Electronics

I don’t know about you, but I cannot go on on any sort of trip without music or a good tv show. When I went to Denver, I made sure to download Amazon’s Prime show Red Oaks and HBO’s show Girls. They made the flight a lot more enjoyable! Need some TV show suggestions? Check out my post all about my recent TV show favorites!

travel essentials electronics

I personally love my $50 Amazon Fire tablet. It’s small enough to be portable, and yet still has great sound and image quality. It’s perfect for students rolling on a budget! I also love listening to Spotify on my phone. As a college student, I get a discounted rate which makes it much more affordable! At $5 a month, what college student could pass that up!? And, I can’t forget my laptop. If I’m tired of watching movies/TV, I can easily work on a coding project for school or even work on a blog post!


Books are some of my favorite things. The only time I really get to read books that I choose is when I’m traveling. Lately, I’ve been loving Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Divergent. I tend to go for easier read that aren’t too heavy. Because I get car sick when I read in the car, I only tend to read on planes. So, when I flew for spring break, you best believe I was all over those books.


Who doesn’t love snacks on any good road trip?? I always feel that traveling is the perfect excuse to snack on junk food. Personally, I LOVE yogurt covered pretzels. I just found out that our school market sells them and they take meal plan dollars. It’s not been good.

travel essentials snacks

Healthier options like fresh fruit are always available. I’ve been loving these cranberry orange belvita’s, Cliff Bars, and this trail mix from Costco. What are some of your go to road trip snacks?

Blanket & Comfy Pants

Who can go anywhere with a nice pair of comfy pants?? I specifically went out and bought the ones pictured below from Marshall’s just for my plane ride. I can’t stand traveling in jeans because I feel so restricted. I like to stretch out, cross my legs, and be comfortable.

travel essentials comfy pants

I also love bringing a blanket with me, especially on road trips. I always get cold, no matter the time of year so I love curling up in a blanket, put on some music, and fall asleep. I found the blanket in the picture above from Wal-Mart back in September. I am in love with the pattern and it is legit the softest blanket I own.

What are some of your travel essentials? Mine vary slightly based on the time of year, but overall they stay about the same! I’d love to hear what you can’t live without while your traveling!

~Abigail Gray