Dorm Room Tour: Spring 2016

Hello friends! I am back this week with another dorm room tour. I’ve been putting this off for a while because in case you don’t know, my dorm is usually messy a good 80% of the time so taking these pictures was a struggle. I am really excited for this post because I love reading other people’s posts like this! So, in case you were wondering, here’s what my current college dorm looks like!

college dorm room tour

Immediately when you walk in to my dorm room, you’re greeted with a view of my side. The bed is positioned in the far back corner with my desk and dresser lined up at the end. I really like this setup because it separates sleeping from homework and food and everything like that. If you’re wondering where the stuff in my room is from, a good 95% of it is from Target.

college dorm room tour
Bedding, pillows, blanket, bookshelf, and lamp are from Target. Posters are from Amazon.

This bookshelf to the left of my bed is used as a night stand, food storage, and a place for me to put all of my books, notebooks, and binders that I am not using. We got it at Target for $15 when school started, and it’s been such a great purchase! As you can see, I have my plants lined up behind the book-case and on top.

college dorm room tour

Moving on to my desk. This is an overview of the chaos that is usually my desk. In this picture it’s actually really clean. I just have pens, pencils, and other assorted items on the top of the desk because that’s what I’m constantly grabbing for. Want to know about those canvases? Click here. Under the canvases I have some inspirational quotes, goals, a monthly calendar (which I swear by), and a picture of me and my brother.

college dorm room tour

Immediately to the right of my desk I have a bunch of pictures and a cork board. Initially I didn’t want to bring a cork board to college, but I’m go glad I did! I use it to display all of the mail I’ve received over the years, and at the bottom of it, I just have my necklaces stored. dorm-room-tour-letter-board

Here’s a better view of what I like to call the beverage station, lol. You can see the cork board and my dresser. On top of my dresser I keep my single-serve coffee maker, my water kettle, a Brita pitcher, and my printer. It is usually covered with clean dishes and random crap that I don’t have anywhere else to put.


From the picture above, you can see a little bit of my picture wall! I love pictures of my friends and family because it really reminds me of so many great memories. I wanted to do something a bit different, and this picture wall is what I came up with. Before this was here, the wall was super bland and boring. I designed some motivational quotes to intermix within the pictures because motivation is always good!


Here’s a better look at what’s on my desk. The wire pencil cups and letter holder are all from the dollar section at Target. Seriously, the dollar section at target is a great place to find inexpensive desk organization stuff. I got my little cat night light for Christmas, and I love it. Incase you’re wondering what is to the left of my desk, that’s where I keep all of my breakfast/coffee stuff. It’s really convenient to just grab what I need without having to crawl under my bed.

college dorm room tour

In my desk drawers I keep a ton of random stuff. In the middle drawer I keep typical office supplies like sticky notes, a stapler, tape, and other craft supplies. I love to send letters so I have a ton of washi tape to decorate my envelopes. In the far right drawer, that keeps all my cards and envelopes, random electronic stuff, and some card games.

college dorm room tour

This picture is an overview of what my dresser drawer look like. In the shallow top drawer I keep all of my teas and silverware. It’s too shallow to really put clothes in so food works just as well! Below that I keep all of my cups, dishes, and random crap. It’s basically a junk drawer. And finally, the last drawer holds my sweaters and t-shirts.


In case any of those pictures above confused you about how things look, this is an overview of my desk and dresser! If you have any questions about where things are from, don’t hesitate to hit me up on social media or leave a comment below! If you’re wanting to see my closet situation, check out my last dorm room tour because nothing has really changed in that department.

college dorm room tour

I hope you all enjoyed this dorm room tour! If you have a dorm room tour, make sure to link it below so I can check it out!

~Abigail Gray

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