Freshman Year Taught Me…

Freshman year of college has come to a close, and I have learned so much! As I was writing this list, it seems like a lot of these things are negative, but they’re really not! They’re super important life lessons, and as we all know, life lessons are all rainbows and butterflies. Freshman year was difficult for me because I’m not one to engage in the typical college culture (aka Greek life and drinking). I mean I’m typically in bed and asleep by 10:30…even on weekends. So, here’s what freshman year taught me!

life lessons I learned during freshman year at college

Freshman Year Taught Me…

college stereotypes are real

College is probably the only part of life that is accurately portrayed in movies. There are wild parties all the time, people are drunk on most weekends, and people skip class on a regular basis. Of course, all college students aren’t like that, and I’m living proof! It’s been harder for me to feel like I have a solid friend group because I don’t go out and I don’t drink. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find someone who isn’t talking about how wasted they got last weekend or their crazy party plans for the night all the time. Honestly, by the second month of college, I was craving an actual intellectual conversation.

if you want something done to your standards, doing it yourself is the best bet

I learned this the hard way. My dorm is a suite style meaning that my roommate and I share a bathroom with another room. In the beginning, we all agreed to clean the bathroom once a week and take turns cleaning…. well that schedule actually never ended up working, so guess who ended up cleaning the bathroom all year? That’s right. Me. Yes it got very frustrating at times because I felt like I was the only one owning up to the responsibility of cleaning, but in reality, I was glad to not be bathing in other people’s slime and having a clean toilet. I would hate to think what that bathroom would’ve looked like if I hadn’t been cleaning it all year…

People will flake on you

This goes along with the previous point. People sometimes won’t hold up their end of an agreement. Yes it’s frustrating, but it happens. I don’t think I have high standards, but apparently I do. But you know, at least that means I’m surrounding myself with driven people who want to make a difference in the world.

college is what you put in

College is what you make of it. It truly is. If you want to stay in your room and focus all of your time on doing well in classes, you can by all means do that. If you want to go out every night and not care about your academics, you can do that as well. As long as you’re happy, then you’re doing college right for you. I mean, you shouldn’t be going out every night and failing all of your classes because the chances of you getting a job when/if you graduate are going to be slim. I want you to be successful, so do well in those classes!

be your own best friend

This is the most important one. You’re the only one that knows your needs and what you need to focus on. I need me time on a daily basis, so I sacrifice part of my social life to fulfill that. Becoming comfortable with myself and understanding what I need in my life to be successful is the most valuable thing I’ve learned this entire year.

Are you in college? If so, what is something that college has taught you? I love to hear what you have to say!

~abigail gray

  • I just finished my freshman year too, and I can definitely relate to all of these! I’d say the most important thing my freshman year has taught me is that it’s ok to be friends with people who are completely different from you. College is full of diversity!

    • Congrats on making it through freshman year! So many changes and so much personal learning… I’d say it was probably my hardest year to date. I totally agree with you! Branching out is how you’ll possibly meet your future best friend! 🙂 Have a great summer!

  • Hey there Abigail! I had a very unique freshmen experience too. I had transfer to schools mid-semester, however, I do not regret it at all. Even though there are some days that are very stressful (a lot of days!) I do know that it is worth it in the end though (: I love your last advice of being your own best friend too. I honestly need to work on that especially with finals week coming up. I am a very weird combo… I am an outgoing introvert/extrovert (right in the middle), so, I need time with other people but I like my own personal time also. Good luck finishing up your freshmen year though and keep posting blogs! I really liked reading this one!

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you don’t regret transferring! I thought about it a couple of times during the year, but I didn’t know if it was coming from a place of “I am still uncomfortable and have yet to find my place” or was coming from a place of unhappiness. I’m glad I’m going to be returning to USC in the fall. I think a whole new living situation and atmosphere will really help!

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