Summer Haul

Hello internet friends! As you may know, I’m back home for the summer, and since moving back, I’ve given away a lot of my clothes because they just don’t fit anymore (thank you to the 10 lbs I gained during freshman year) or they’re just too young-looking for me. I also started an internship yesterday (yay!) and needed some nicer things. So, it was time to hit up the stores to see what I could find!

summer haul old navy, costco, and makeup

Old Navy is always a hit or miss for me, but I am in love with some of their shirts. They typically have really good sales going on all the time. I stopped by this past Saturday just planning to buy maybe two shirts… $74 later, I bought way more than two shirts.

summer haul old navy boyfriend shirts

These are the Old Navy Linen Blend Boyfriend T-Shirts. I have one in black, and I wear it all the time. The linen blend makes it look nicer than your regular t-shirt so these will be perfect for work and the school year! The boyfriend fit is loose and flowy – just what I like!

summer haul costco pants

Believe it or not, these pants are from Costco. Yep. You read that right. Costco. My mom found these, raved about them, I tried them on, and we went back to get me some. I got the black, olive, and light grey. Please excuse the wrinkles.

summer haul old navy pixie shorts
black pattern | solids

I FINALLY FOUND SHORTS THAT FIT! You all know the struggle. Shorts nowadays are just so itty bitty that your whole butt basically hangs out. That may be for you, but that’s not what I’m looking for in shorts. I found these at Old Navy on sale for $13 each. These are the Pixie shorts with a 3.5″ inseam. Needless to say, I bought four pair because when I find shorts that fit (which isn’t often) I stock up!

summer haul makeup products

I ran out of some essentials while at college and never repurchased them until now. The Maybelline NYC The Rocket mascara is my go to. I ran out of my Maybelline NYC FIT me foundation in the shade 110. I also needed a new primer so I picked up the e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer. And finally, I used all of my face lotion so I found the up&up oil-free facial moisturizer with sunscreen. Gotta get in that sun protection, and with all of the other face lotions costing $10+, I thought I’d try this one for only $7.

What are some of your recent purchases? Where do you find shorts that fit? I love hearing from you all!

~abigail gray

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  • missoliviasays

    I just went to Old Navy and got 4 pairs of Pixie pants because I start work June 6th!!
    Miss Olivia Says

    • I don’t quite fit into the Pixie pants (thank you to my 5’2″ frame and abnormally sized legs lol), but the material is still super nice! Hope your work goes well!

  • Old Navy’s boyfriend tees are my favorite thing right now too!

    • They’re just so comfortable! In fact I’m wearing the pink one that I bought right now!

  • I LOVE Old Navy shorts – because yes, they actually fit nicely and are not too short or too tight!! This post is making me want to go shopping, haha 🙂

    Stephanie | Sincerely, Stephanie

    • I love the material as well! They look a lot nicer than your standard Target short for instance. I’ve been at work all week so I haven’t been able to wear them, but come the weekend, I’ll be wearing them all the time!

  • I love Cotton On’s shorts! They’re long enough to cover up the essential bits but short enough to be casual and breezy.

  • Old Navy is definitely a hit or miss for me also! I love their athletic leggings, and I always stock up during sales. Recently, I found two rompers from Old Navy that I absolutely love. I am usually not a huge romper fan, but these ones fit really well! The Pixie shorts look so cute, I saw them the other day in the store but the line to try on was too long. I will definitely be going back soon and checking out the shorts again!

    On another note, Up & Up moisturizers are my favorite for how low the prices are. I tried the one you mentioned in your haul, but I was not a fan of the smell because it kind of smelled and felt like straight sunscreen to me. I really like their sensitive skin one though!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

    • Funny story about their leggings. I’m actually too short to fit into the women’s ones so I have to buy from the kids section! I’ll have to check out the sensitive skin moisturizer! I totally know what you mean by it smelling like sunscreen. Luckily for me, I actually really love the smell of sunscreen because it reminds me of the beach!

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  • These are some great finds! Old Navy was a hit or miss for me until I began shopping online. I found their petite section works best for me and actually picked up a few regular cropped slacks for my internship. Pixie pants are the way to go. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a great time during your internship.

    Aitza Briauna |

    • I haven’t tried the Pixie pants yet! I always have the hardest time finding pants that fit because I’m short and because I work out a lot, I have bigger leg muscles. It’s almost impossible to find pants that fit in the legs and that don’t leave a 7″ gap in the waist.