June Favorites

Another month has passed and it’s time for another monthly favorites post. I only have one month left in Knoxville, and come August 3rd, I’ll be off to Columbia to spend my sophomore year at Carolina. This month has been full of so many emotional ups & downs and very exciting things happening on the blog!


I’ve decided to kind of re-brand my monthly favorites posts. A few months ago I added a life update segment and now I’m adding a monthly stats segment! We’re going to call this little monthly post monthly recaps from now on because it’s turned into way more than just my five favorites from the past month. Hope you don’t mind the new addition!


So many exciting things happened this past month! First off, my blog relaunched on June 1st, pulling in over 500 sessions in one day. That’s a new record for me. I’ve been working out with my trainer religiously three times a week, and I’m totally seeing results. I’m developing muscles I never knew I even had! I’m feeling so much more confident in myself. Toward the end of June, I think I entered a full-on quarter life crisis. Ok so PMS may have not been helping the situation, but I’m still just so lost and confused when it comes to my life, what I’m supposed to be doing, and the vast difference between my dreams and the reality of life. As a result of my confusion, I needed change in my life. A spur of the moment decision led me to chop off a good five inches of my hair, leaving it the shortest it’s ever been. I’ve honestly never looked back.


How can I not do a blog post without mentioning nail polish. I honestly don’t think it’s possible. Anyways, I LOVE summer polish colors because you can get away with wearing brights & neons without anyone judging you. Not that you should be choosing your polish color on what other people think.


These polishes from China Glaze are beautiful and perfect for summer! I wanted to include my new LED Gel Nail system that I purchased last week, but I haven’t used it enough to include it in a favorites video. But keep your eyes open for next month’s favorites 😉


I don’t know why filling in your eyebrows makes you feel like you can conquer the world, but I’ve totally been missing out! This was an impulse buy while I was at Target the other day with a friend and we both decided our eyebrows needed to be on point.


I love how natural the gel from this kit looks. You know how when some people fill in their brows you can totally tell, well this doesn’t do that. It looks like my natural brows, and I couldn’t be happier! Plus the $3 price tag is something I love.


You know that Bath & Body Works candle that every girl loves because it smells like a man? (Ok that sounds really creepy, but girls, you know what I’m talking about) Well this girl doesn’t have $22 to spend on a candle. I dream of one day being able to afford it, but not right now my friend.


This candle from Wal-Mart smells almost identical and it’s only $6. What? $6 you say? Yes. The amazing man-smelling candle is only $6 so you better go take yourself to Wal-Mart right now. Or you can totally buy it online if you don’t feel like leaving your house.


Before my little quarter-life crisis started, I decided it was time for a new pair of glasses. Yes I loved my red ones, but it was time to mature my look a little bit. Even if Taylor Swift personally complimented my red glasses, I had to say goodbye (but I totally kept them).


I went for a larger, darker frame, and I love how I look in them. I feel so much more confident and not like I’m hiding behind my glasses. They just naturally complement my look, letting me as a person really shine through. If you want to see the day when I actually picked them out, check out my A Day in the Life post!


I saved the best for last. Not even kidding. About three weeks ago, Cristina from Cristina Was Here proposed starting #FaceMaskFriday and that was the best hashtag to ever enter my life. I’ve never been a big face mask person, but I had slowly grown a collection over the past few months and I decided it was time to start using them.


I’m not into spending a ton of money on face masks just yet, so I stick to the ones that are just a couple of bucks. You can find the Que Bella face masks at Target and I think the other ones are from Wal-Mart. Not too sure because my mom sent them in a care package during the school year.


Woah new segment. I always love seeing other people’s stats because it makes you feel not as alone, especially if you’re just starting out. These stats were pulled on JUNE 27th so they’re going to differ slightly from my actual stats for the month.

Pageviews: 6,520 (-12.65% increase from May 2016)
Visitors: 4,517
Unique Visitors: 4,014

As you can see, my #’s are a little lower than last month, which is perfectly fine, as long as they’re within a couple hundred of each other, I’m pretty content. Plus, June is the start of summer for a lot of people which means people aren’t going to be spending as much time on the computer as they would be during the school year.

Hope you enjoyed the new segment and minor re-branding of my monthly favorites! What do you think of the new segment? Do you like it? Also, what have you been loving this past month? Hope to hear from you in the comments!

~abigail gray