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Long time no see Internet friends! After a week off, life has finally settled down and I’m back to blogging. If you want to hear all about what I’ve been doing the past week, be sure to sign up for my newsletter! Thanks to a Twitter poll, today’s post is all the school supplies you need for college. Well, this is everything I use and swear by!

College School Supplies | What you really need and what you really don't

The idea of shopping for school supplies in college can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re the oldest child and have no idea what to expect. College isn’t like high school where you have a locker to shove all the stuff you don’t need. You, instead, pack everything in your bag for the day – textbooks and all. Buying school supplies in college comes down to saving space and portability.

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Who doesn’t love a good notebook? I’m very particular about my notebooks. The paper has to be the right smoothness, they have to be college ruled, and most importantly, they must have a plastic cover. There’s nothing worse than pulling a notebook out of your book bag, only to see that the entire cover decided to rip off.

College School Supplies | What you really need and what you really don't

The paper in these is so smooth and allows my pen to just glide over the page. They’re so great for taking notes in classThe ones above are only $1 each at Wal-Mart. Plus, they have inside cover pockets! Perfect for when your class has that one handout that you don’t know what to do with.


College School Supplies | What you really need and what you really don't

As technology more integral in classrooms, a laptop is a must-have. From taking notes in class to working on and submitting assignments, it’s virtually impossible to go to college without a laptop. This is my MacBook Pro that I purchased back in January, and it’s such a great machine! If you’re not a comp sci major, I’d even suggest the MacBook Air because its super light. Perfect for hauling on those long trips across campus.


Index cards are a staple in my college supplies. Every year I stock up on 400 or 500 note cards, and I go through them like they’re candy. I love them for studying, taking notes, or even writing to-do lists! The best part is that they’re super cheap so you’re not throwing away your money to help you study for one exam.


If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know how obsessed with pens and stationery I am. My all-time favorite pens are the Pilot G-2 7mm. They’re so smooth, and perfect, and dark black. I write in pretty scripty letters so they work out great for that!

College School Supplies | What you really need and what you really don't

Another one of my favorites is the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, which is pictured in the center. These are great for writing in bullet journals, making to-do list, and just doodling in your everyday planner. Totally worth the $20 investment. I recently picked up the BIC Marking markers/pens. I’ve wanted these pens for so long, and I finally got up enough courage to say to heck with it and just purchased them. They’re so amazing and smooth and everything I wished they would be! Again, totally worth the $20 investment.

Alright, well that’s the end of my college school supplies because well, that’s all I use on a regular basis! I take a lot of my notes by hand and type them up on the computer once I’m finished. That really eliminates a ton of unnecessary school supplies which saves me money and time.

What are some of your favorite school supplies? Anything that you used in college that you couldn’t function without? 

~abigail gray

  • Love this post! I recently discovered how amazing index cards are, and I’ll definitely make sure to buy some for this semester! I also need to buy new pens, so I’ll definitely look into those you suggested!

  • very useful post loved it 🙂

  • I love love love school supplies shopping! I’ve stocked up on so many cute notebooks, I’m really hoping I get to use them this semester haha.
    paige // eyeliner wings & pretty things

    • Cute notebooks are my weakness! And after I buy them, I never want to use them because they’re too perfect. Am I the only one like that?

  • Lisa Spraggins

    Thank you for your great packing and supply suggestions! I really am grateful to your post that featured the bookcase from Target! I purchased a black one for my son and it looks great and is supe functional for their beds when they are lifted so high. So thank you!!! I have attached a photo of what his room looks like and the bookcase. He is at Bates West. Thanks again! Good luck this year in your studies and keep writing!

    • I’m so glad that bookcase worked out for you! I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through my freshman year without it. And, since it was only around $15, I didn’t feel as bad about donating it to charity at the end of the year instead of hauling it back to my house. His room looks great!