A Day in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is one of those places that everyone should visit at least once in their life. There’s anything and everything outdoorsy to do, the local food places are delicious, and the aquarium is top-notch. When I went home to surprise my dad for his birthday (which went really well), I thought I was just going to be hanging out at home with the family. Instead, we took a quick day trip down to Chattanooga for my brother’s climbing meet. I’ve lived in Knoxville my entire life and have only taken the short hour and a half drive down to Chattanooga once in my life.

Things to do in Chattanooga, Tennessee | Places to Visit

That was back when I was about seven and my parents took my brother and I to the aquarium. While the aquarium is great, there’s so much more that Chattanooga has to offer that I wasn’t concerned about at seven years old. I’m so hooked on Chattanooga now, and I can’t wait for the next time I go back! So what’d I do this time around in Chattanooga?

Things to do in Chattanooga, Tennessee | Places to Visit

We hit the road bright & early at 7 AM. We stopped for our road trip tradition of chicken biscuits and coffee from Hardee’s. Now, we’re a very health-conscious family, but it can’t be a Thomas family adventure without coffee and chicken biscuits. Don’t ask me why we do it, we just do. And I’m not complaining at all.

High Point Climbing Center

After all, this was for my brother’s climbing competition so we had to end up a t a climbing gym. There’s a few climbing gyms in Chattanooga, and the one we went to was High Point Climbing Gym in downtown Chattanooga. You’d think I’d be better at this whole blogging and photography thing, but I did not take a picture of the super cool building. You’re just going to have to take my word for how awesome this climbing gym is.

Things to do in Chattanooga, Tennessee | Places to Visit

Local Coffee & Food

Bloggers and coffee shops go together like cats and catnip. There was this AMAZING coffee shop right next to the climbing gym that my family and I spent a few hours in. Highly highly recommend checking out Chattz Coffee if you’re ever in Chattanooga.

The first time around, I ordered a cappuccino which was delicious. Around 2:30 I hit them up again and ordered an Americano. Both were equally delicious and smooth, and I want to drink that coffee every day of my life.

Things to do in Chattanooga, Tennessee | Places to Visit

Overall the trip was amazing, and it made going home for my dad’s birthday even more special. There’s just something about hanging out with family not in the environment of your own home. It’s much more enjoyable!

Have you ever been to Chattanooga? Where are some of your favorite places to travel?

~abigail gray