And My Secret Santa Is…

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you’re having an amazing day full of family, friends, and amazing food! In case you didn’t know, Cathleen from Classy Cathleen and I put together a Blogger Secret Santa this year, and I’m proud to say that we had over 25 people participate. It was such a success and I’m so excited to reveal to you who my Secret Santa was and see everyone else’s Secret Santa reveals!

This year’s Blogger Secret Santa came about because I begged Cathleen to host another one after I had so much fun participating in last year’s. She graciously allowed me to help her host the 2016 edition of the Blogger Secret Santa, and I can honestly say that I had a blast organizing all of it. After about a week of working on countless Google Docs and Google Sheets, we finally launched, and I was so excited to see so many amazing bloggers wanting to participate. Just like last year, all of the participants reveal their Secret Santa on Christmas Day (aka today) at 10 AM EST. I’m going to try my best to include links to everyone’s Secret Santa reveal posts at the end of this post, so definitely make sure you check out their reveals!

Okay so drumroll please……

My Secret Santa was the amazing Kayla from Kayla Blogs!

Kayla’s been in several of my Blogger Roundtables, she’s the host and creator of Blogging College, and she has the most amazing Instagram. Oh and I can’t forget that she has been KILLING the Vlogmas game this year. She’s been a huge inspiration to me throughout my year and a half blogging journey, and I’m proud to call her one of my close blogging friends.

A big H&M box arrived at my house on Monday and the return address said “Secret Santa.” It couldn’t have come at a better time because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out two days prior (see my Instagram if you want a good laugh), and I was itching for something to do. Kayla did such a great job wrapping everything in adorable candy cane striped tissue paper and “Merry Christmas” wrapping paper!

Alright so let’s get into the gifts!

Blogger Secret Santa 2016 | Kayla from

First off, I love anything frosting scented so this Buttercream Frosting candle is PERFECT. Also, let’s just talk about this coffee mug for a second. The font is TO DIE FOR, and the color is AMAZING.

Blogger Secret Santa 2016 | Kayla from

I should’ve known that my package was going to contain some of these Que Bella face masks! They’re adored by almost every college blogger because they’re super inexpensive and each packet has a good two uses in it. Love these & can’t wait to use them!

Blogger Secret Santa 2016 | Kayla from

Honestly it’s impossible to go wrong with getting hot chocolate as a gift. I’m so excited to use this when I get back to school! Plus the packaging is adorable (thank you Target).

Blogger Secret Santa 2016 | Kayla from

Okay this was a complete surprise. I’ve talked to Kayla about hand lettering for a while now, and I’m so thrilled that she got me this amazing hand lettering book! I’m so sad that I left my good lettering pens back at school, but I guess that’ll give me something to do when I head back in January. Also, I never thought anyone would get me the pens I put on my wish list. I’ve already used them and they’re so perfect!

Kayla, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU  for all of these amazing gifts. I love everything, and I can’t wait to start using them! You’re such an amazing blogger and friend, and I’m so happy to have gotten to know you over the past year and a half. Here’s to many more Blogging College chats, Blogger Roundtables, and award-winning blog posts!

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Happy Holidays!
~abigail gray

  • So happy you love your gifts! I really loved participating in this and I can’t wait for next year. I hope you had an amazing holiday!

    Kayla |

    • Kayla! Thank you again! I drink out of my coffee mug every morning, and I’m in LOVE with those pens. I use them constantly!