3 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

Three easy ways to drink more water. Drinking water is a easy way to be more healthy.

We all know that water is good for us, right? We all know that we probably don’t drink enough water. We all know that we should drink more water, but a majority of us never get around to it. Drinking more water usually ends up on people’s New Year’s resolutions as a part of their goal to be healthier in the new year. And just like most New Year’s resolutions, they disappear by the end of January.

I know people who never drink water. They survive off of juice, sodas, teas, and coffee. Anything and everything but water because they “don’t like water.”

You don’t like water? You mean you don’t like the substance that provides life and makes up 60% of your body?

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When I hear this I’m just baffled. I cannot go a day without drinking close to or more than a gallon of water. But I can understand why people don’t like water. In this sugar-filled world in which we live, if it’s not sugary, chances are people aren’t going to like it. Going from soda to water is like going from eating a $1,000 piece of cake to eating a chocolate rice cake. Probably a letdown, right?

But water is important, people! If you struggle with getting in the H2O, here are my top 3 ways to drink more water:

Add Sliced Fruits

Lemon water is honestly like crack to me.

It’s amazing how much my own water intake increases when I add that tiny bit of flavoring to plain ‘ole H2O. If I’m not adding lemon, I’ll drink probably 2/3 – 3/4 of a gallon of water on my own. If I add that lemon, I can easily drink my gallon by the afternoon.

If you’re not a fan of lemon water (Caitlyn I’m talking to you), try adding:

  • sliced limes
  • sliced oranges
  • lemon & raspberries
  • strawberries, sliced limes, sliced cucumbers
  • sliced lemons, limes, and oranges

Recently I’ve gotten in the habit of refilling my gallon jug and adding half of a lemon (sliced) to the jug. I’ll throw that in the fridge so it gets nice and cold overnight.

When I wake up, I have cold, refreshing lemon water waiting for me, and honestly it’s like Christmas morning every single day because that’s how much I love lemon water…

Drink with a Straw

What? Abigail there is no way that drinking with a straw is going to help me drink more water.

Well friend, I choose to disagree. I can sit in front of my computer sipping on water for hours at a time. You may think I’m crazy, but don’t hate on it until you try it. It almost becomes a mindless act, and it’s a great way to get in that water.

I love my Contigo water bottles, but there are a ton of other options when it comes to water bottles with straws. Glass, plastic, whatever fits your fancy, they make it.

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Opt for Water Flavoring Drops

I’m not a huge fan of this one because of all the artificial flavorings and dyes used in the drops, but if you’re hooked on sodas and sweet tea, this one is for you.

If I’m ever craving a soda, which does happen from time to time, I grab a sparkling water out of the fridge, add a few drops of water flavoring, and I’m good to go. Usually I’m just want the carbonation of a soda, but sometimes I just need the carbonation and sweetness that a soda has to offer.

Water flavoring drops are a great way to transition from constantly drinking sodas and sweetened beverages. It’ll satiate that sweet craving, but it won’t be at a cost of 200+ calories that comes with drinking soda.






BONUS: Carry a Water Bottle with You Everywhere

My water bottle has become my safety blanket. You won’t catch me at Target, Starbucks, a party, work, or anywhere without my water bottle.

I even keep it next to my bed when I’m sleeping.

Yes it can be a hassle at first to constantly be carrying around this water bottle, but once you get used to it, you’ll thank yourself. You’ll come to realize just how dehydrated you probably are and how much just having a  water bottle with you can make life easier.

Plus if you invest in a cute bottle, it is a great prop for any kind of studying Instagram picture. Speaking from experience on this one.

Do you struggle with water intake? What are your ways to drink more water?

~abigail gray

Shop some of my favorite water bottles:

  • That’s interesting! I’ve bought so many water bottles in the pat, and I realized I probably didn’t drink as much a day because I would have to take the top off instead of just drink from a straw! That’s definitely the next kind of bottle I’m buying!

    • It’s such a small change, but it’s crazy how much of a difference it makes with water intake!

  • Believe or not, drinking through a straw actually motivates you to drink more water! I use to have a flip top water bottle. When I switched over to a tumblr with a straw, I noticed I would reach for it more! I think having a straw makes it so easy to just take a sip. As opposed to flip top where you have to coordinate opening the lid and multi-tasking (or at least I have to put that much concentration). I try to carry a water bottle with a straw wherever I go so it’s easy to stay hydrate.

    -Kim 🙂

    • Totally agree! I will almost never buy a water bottle unless it has a straw.

  • My Sprinkle of Prep

    I was super into straw water bottles for the longest time, I had a few camelbacks bottles and loves them until the straw got moldy and they all started to leak, when I switched to a flip open glass bottle because of the plastic and have loved it so far. I feel like its easier to get water down when working out but if I am sitting around reaching for a tumbler with a straw is more my style than a cup without a lid.
    Thanks for the advice, I seriously need to be drinking more water.
    Meg // MySprinkleofPrep.wordpress.com

    • I can totally relate to this! I love flip tops for working out because I can get way more water that way.

  • Addison Manor

    I think the biggest thing that has helped me is taking my water bottle everywhere. As long as I have it with me 24/7, I drink lots of water!

    • I totally agree! My water bottle has become like my safety blanket, haha.