Recent Purchases: Fall 2017

Recent Purchases: Fall 2017

Hello, hello! I’m so sorry that there wasn’t a post for last Friday, but as you’ll see in this Friday’s chit chat post (or if you saw this post on Insta), there’s a bit of a reason behind why I was M.I.A. But here we are, it’s Tuesday, and today I’ve got a recent purchases post coming at you. I mean clearly you knew what this post was about if you read the title…

I’m not going to lie, I was 100% inspired to do this post thanks to Kayla over at Kayla Blogs. She did a recent purchases post, and I was like, “you know, I just took a little self-care trip to Marshall’s, and I’m sure other people want to see the stuff I bought.”

But really I just wanted an excuse to show off my new coffee mugs.

I will say that from now until Thanksgiving-ish, I’m really going to watch my budget and my unnecessary self-care trips to Target and Marshall’s because the holidays are coming up and I’ve got a lot of Secret Santa’s to participate in. *wink wink to all the bloggers out there*

Alpaca/Llama Salt & Pepper Shakers

Okay these (saltpepper) are my new loves. Y’all might know that I’ve developed a love for alpacas over the past few months (as well as hedgehogs, but I’ll save that obsession for a later date). My parents were in town a few weeks back, and my mom and I were perusing the aisles of Target, which in any situation is a bad idea. I spotted these beauties from a far, I look to my mom and said, “OH MY GOSH. LOOK AT THESE. Mom, I have to have them.” She picked the up, looked at them for a second, and said, “Wow, and they even match your alpaca blanket,” as she slowly lowered them into the cart.

They don’t photograph that well (trust me I tried flat lays, ‘action shots’, and everything else), so you’ll just have to be surprised when you open the link.

Costco Clothes

Costco is slowly becoming my #1 place to find clothes.

I tweeted out the other day that I’ve been searching for 5 years for a pair of jeans that actually fits, and I just might have found them at Costco for UNDER $20. I’m sorry, WHAT!? They’re the Calvin Klein Ultimate Skinny jeans. I couldn’t find them on the Costco website, but I know they have them in store.

Flannels, leggings, jeans, sweaters, pants. You name it, I buy it at Costco.

Recent Purchases: Fall 2017
Blue Flannel


You’ll never not catch me wearing a flannel from the month of October until February/March. My favorite places to shop for them are:

  • Costco (imagine that)
  • Marshall’s
  • Target
  • Old Navy

I now own enough flannels to be able to wear a different one every day of the week. In some people’s minds, that’s a lot of flannels. In my mind, that’s not enough.

I have a problem. Yes, I know.

Recent Purchases: Fall 2017

Coffee Mugs

Did I need more coffee mugs? No. Did I buy more coffee mugs? Yes.

Marshall’s did not disappoint in the coffee mug department. OMG y’all, plus they have all their holiday mugs out and I wanted to buy each and every one of them. But I didn’t. Instead, I bought into my crazy cat lady reputation and bought two cat coffee mugs.

I almost bought 3 coffee mugs, so I’m very proud of myself for only buying 2. Self-control in action right there.

What are some of your recent purchases? Have you bought any of these items lately? Let me know in the comments below!

~abigail gray

  • I love those mugs! I never thought about Costco for clothes but now you bet I’m gonna check out the clothes section next time I’m there! You buying mugs/flannels is like me buying books. I have way too many but I need more lol

    • Every time I buy a new mug, I just tell myself that I’m going to be that grandma with the world’s most epic coffee mug collection. That’s how I let myself get away with buying them LOL

  • One of my aunts LOVES Costco and regularly would look there for shoes, jackets, swimsuits, etc., so I’m not surprised there are so many options for clothes! But, I haven’t looked there myself, so I will have to keep it in mind for the future. Also, the mugs are adorableeee, I always have to drag myself away from the mug (and candle) aisles at Target/Marshalls.

    • Oh lord, the candles. That’s another weakness.

  • Marshall’s mugs are my favorite! I’ve gotten a bunch of rabbit and sloth themed ones there. Every time I go into Target I have to resist buying those salt & pepper shakers, they’re adorable! I already have rabbit ones though haha

    Lauren //

    • Girl I have the rabbit ones, too! I’ve just accepted that I’m going to collect coffee mugs and salt & pepper shakers, haha

  • Cristina Mandujano

    Hey girl! First off – love this post. I seriously can’t believe I don’t have cute salt and pepper shakers. Need right now! Second – saw your Insta post about how your past couple weeks have been and I totally feel for ya! Anxiety is such a kick in the butt sometimes. And I also had mono twice!! Once when I was maybe 14/15 and then again about 2 years later! At the time, I was a captain for my school dance team and had to sit out at practice and just was so exhausted. Some things that helped me were gentle yoga, relaxing baths, tea (I love ginger tea for my stomach if it’s upset and earl grey is great for anxiety!), and I just spent time writing/reading…basically exploring the other things that brought me joy outside of physical activity. Sorry for the long comment, I just totally remember being there and I think it was a really important time in my life because it taught me to slow down and value self-care. Contact me if you need anything or just wanna chat 🙂 X!

    • Honestly, I feel like you would be one to have all the adorable salt & pepper shakers! Ugh girl I love tea as well, and I’ll have to try those out. I’m spending a lot of my time doing crafty things and watching too much Netflix, haha

  • Greta

    Much to my dismay, the nearest Costco is three hours away, but I also have always found really great clothing there! Those salt and pepper shakers are so quirky and cute! Keep up the awesome content!

  • My Sprinkle of Prep

    The coffee mugs are adorable, Marshall’s and Tj Maxx are seriously my go too, my first top in the home décor section in the back of the store and then the clearance section because you will never know what you will find. They have so many awesome goodies and on any given day you could literally strike gold. I think I am no longer able to go to Target without filling an entire basket full of goodies specially now that it’s during the holiday, it’s going to be really hard not to buy candles and cute mugs and hot cocoa. Loved this post concept, and looking forward to shopping for my Secret Santa soon.

    megan |

  • Makaela Premont

    I’m currently obsessed with Marshalls is my favorite place to shop at. You can always find something new or interesting in there.