Staying Fit During the Holidays

How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Just in case you didn’t know, we’re right in the heart of the holiday season which means delicious festive drinks from Starbucks, lots of decadent cookies, drinking a little to much wine, and tons of holiday foods that only come out around this time of year. Oh wait, did I mention eating lots of lots of food?

Sometimes for me, the holiday season can bring a bit of stress because I have a slight fear of gaining a little winter fluff and falling off the fitness train.

Here’s my number one guideline when it comes to balancing fitness and the holidays: The holidays come once a year. Fitness is available every single day.

Not to get dark here, but you never know when that will be someone’s last Thanksgiving or last Christmas. It’s important to put family and friends first, especially during the holidays.

Balance, balance, balance.

Fitness is all about balance. And that doesn’t change when the holidays come around.

Balance your plate. Just like most other days, I try to keep half of my plate reserved for vegetables and vegetables only. Filling up on salad and other veggies before the main course or dessert will fill you up and you’ll feel a little less guilty about eating all the dessert because at least you ate your veggies.

In my family, Christmas is all about sugary pies, decadent breakfast cakes, and plates full of fresh-baked cookies.

While I’m going to fully indulge in all the deliciousness, I’m keeping in mind the importance of veggies and proteins.

Having cinnamon rolls for breakfast? Make up a scrambled egg or two to get in some substantial source of energy.

Eating lots of dessert after dinner? Stock up your dinner plate with protein and veggies.

See. It’s all about balance. Except during the holiday season, calories don’t count for anything consumed after 7 PM or for anything eaten on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Get to the gym when you can. Don’t stress if you can’t.

I would much rather sit and watch Christmas movies with my family while drinking hot chocolate than go to the gym.

I’ve been out of the gym for 6+ weeks as of right now and I can tell you that I haven’t lost as much progress as I thought I would have. So, if 6+ weeks off hasn’t killed me, I’m pretty sure missing a few gym sessions isn’t going to kill you either.

Good lord eat the extra slice of pie.

Contemplating eating that second slice of pie? Just eat it.

In the grand scheme of life, what’s 400 extra calories? I mean I’m pretty sure I’d be enjoying that extra slice of pie with every single bite.

Like I said earlier, calories don’t count on holidays.

Go for a walk.

So here’s the scenario: you’ve eaten too much for dinner and dessert, you’ve been cooped up in the house all day with your entire family, and you just want to go to bed and sleep off the food coma.

Instead of taking the food-coma nap, try taking a walk around the neighborhood with your family. Not only will it make you feel less like a walking balloon, it’ll probably help out your entire family. It’s amazing what some fresh air will do.

Plus, if you go for a walk, that just means you’re burning calories which then allows you to eat more cookies. LOL.

There are times to indulge, to forget about being “healthy”, and to just enjoy being surrounded by friends, family, and good food. Enjoy life and don’t let fitness hinder your enjoyment.

What’re your favorite holiday traditions? Do you build gingerbread houses? Do you watch Christmas Vacation on repeat? Let me know in the comments!

~abigail gray

  • Yesss all about that pie. And it’s so important to understand that missing some gym sessions won’t kill you!

  • Loved everything about this post! Can definitely back you up on going for a walk! It’s also really nice when you’re traveling and may not have access to a gym; going for a walk with family is such a nice morning activity!
    xo, G