about the blog

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet that I call home! I’m Abigail and I started Living the Gray Life back in June of 2015. It’s slowly morphed into a place for me to share my college experiences and advice along with DIY projects and other life adventures.

As for the name, it comes from my middle name. Some people think that this blog is about living a middle aged life, but that’s far from it! My middle name is Gray, and I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about it. Not many people have that middle name, so why not highlight it in my blog title!

about me

I love crafting and DIYS maybe a little too much. My bedroom walls are full of so many craft projects that I’m seriously running out of room. I am also slightly obsessed with cats. I have one and his name is Pete.

 I love to bake! There’s nothing like a delicious batch of homemade cookies! Plus it’s basically stress relief with a delicious ending.  The great outdoors is where I feel most at home. Growing up in East Tennessee, the mountains are only a short car ride away. It’s such a wonderful mental escape.  I may or may not have a slight obsession with plants and succulents. They’re one of my many weaknesses. I mean just look at how adorable they are!

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Or if you want to drop me a line, you can e-mail me at hello@livingthegraylife.com! Let’s be friends!

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