A Little Bit About the Blogger Roundtable

Y’all I love blogging so much. I’m writing this late on a Sunday night after the second Blogger Roundtable, and honestly I couldn’t be happier. Blogging has changed my life and being able to talk face to face with the people who motivate and inspire me is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You may be asking yourself, “What is this post even about?” and “What on earth is the Blogger Roundtable?” I’ve spoken a little bit about it in the past on Twitter, in monthly recaps, and on my YouTube channel, but today I wanted to dedicate a whole post to a project that I’ve fallen in love with.


I was inspired to start the Blogger Roundtable back in July after participating in so many Twitter chats but always wanting to talk face-to-face with other bloggers. Talking behind Twitter handles is great and convenient, but there’s just something about actually seeing the person you’re talking to. And with that, the Blogger Roundtable was born. I chatted with a few other bloggers about the idea, and everyone seemed to love it.

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August Recap

I swear, August has been the longest month of my life. From moving back to college, two weeks of residence life training, and school starting, I honestly feel like it should be mid-October by this point. This a big statement, but August has been the best month of 2016 thus far. I love being back at school, going to class, and hanging out with all of my new RM friends.

August Recap: life update, monthly favorites, & stats

This month was literally INSANE when it comes to stats and all of that. We’re talking triple the number of views from last month, and my social medias are still growing at a consistent rate. I’ve really been able to focus on blogging a lot more this month, and I cannot wait for September and fall and all the holiday posts that will be coming your way in the next few months.

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Beginner Blogger: The Editorial Calendar

You’ve probably heard of an editorial calendar at some point while scrolling through Pinterest. Everyone claims it’s the reason for their success, but you’re probably still a little skeptical. In this Beginner Blogger post I’m going to cover the editorial calendar for beginners. It’s the key way to stay on track and organized as a blogger, producing content consistently! If you want to check out my other Beginner Blogger posts, see my Beginner Blogger page! There’s links and descriptions of everything I cover!

Master the editorial calendar with this post!

Of course us bloggers are obsessed with planners and organization so we try to incorporate it in every way possible. Editorial calendars keep us organized and consistent. Plus, if you’re ever struggling to post on Insta, a quick pic of your editorial calendar is a go-to!

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Beginner Blogger: Networking & Social Media

Social media is a bane and a blessing for bloggers. It’s the number one way to grow your stats and connect with readers and an amazing way to network with other bloggers! Today I’m going to address which social medias you should be on and how networking with others can lead to amazing opportunities! Oh, if you want to see more of my Beginner Blogger series, make sure to check out the Beginner Blogger page (linked here and at the top of the page). It outlines all of the topics I cover and when they’ll be live on the blog!

Social media for bloggers: Struggling to grasp social media as a blogger? Follow these simple tips to help grow your social platforms!

In case you haven’t figured out, social media and networking are of very high importance in the blogging world. If you’re only posting on your blog and not promoting on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it’s going to be a lot harder for people to find your content. Even if you’re still in the ‘no views some days’ stage, get yourself out there and start working on social media and connecting with other bloggers!

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Beginner Blogger: Photography

Hello fellow bloggers or soon-to-be bloggers or someone who stumbled upon this post!  Welcome to my Beginner Blogger series! The purpose of this series is to provide you with information that I wish I had had when I first started blogging. In this post I’m going to be talking about photography. If you want to see more, be sure to check out the Beginner Blogger page! It outlines all the topics I cover and when to expect to see them on the blog!

Are you a beginner blogger looking to improve your photography? Check out my tips on lighting, backdrops, cameras, and what to do if you're crunched for time!

Photography is key to blogging. Chances are people aren’t going to read all of the words you write. They’re going to scroll through your post looking at all of the pretty pictures, and if one catches their eye, they may read the paragraphs surrounding it. But don’t freak out about not having the right camera or the right equipment.

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Beginner Blogger: Stats

So stats. They’re what every blogger secretly obsesses over but no one wants to admit. As you’ve probably figured out, stats are a huge part of the blogging world, but they’re not everything! As a beginner it’s hard to not worry about one day with low numbers or why you’re not seeing super fast growth. Well, in this Beginner Blogger post all about blog stats for beginners, I’m going to cover just about everything revolving around stats! Oh, if you want to see more of my Beginner Blogger series, make sure to check out the Beginner Blogger page. It outlines all the topics I cover and when to expect to see them on the blog!

Beginner Blogger: Blog Stats for beginners

So many of those Pinterest articles tell beginners to not worry about stats. Well when you’re a beginner, stats are all you have! I know for the first six months, I would religiously check my stats 20+ times a day. That is perfectly fine! Enjoy those stats and pay attention to them because they are valuable, but know that just because you’re not hitting the same stats as another blogger doesn’t mean you’re not posting quality content! 

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