Dorm Room Tour: Fall 2016

Y’all it’s finally here! This semester has gone by so fast that when I looked at my calendar and saw that it was November and I’d yet to publish a dorm room tour post, I about died. I also about died when I looked around my room and saw the disastrous state in which it is currently in and realized I had to make it look Pinterest-worthy in a matter of hours. So, as you can guess from those few sentences, my room is rarely organized, put together, and pretty 24/7. In fact, this is the nicest it’s looked since August so…


A lot of the decor I made myself, and a majority of the bedding, rugs, accessories, etc were purchased for my room last year. Since they were still in perfectly good condition, why not use them for a second year! After all, shopping your own stash is much cheaper and easier than going and buying everything new. All the pictures below include descriptions with links to where you can find the items and/or links to the posts where I crafted said items. Alright, well if I wait any longer, it’ll be January and this dorm room tour will be irrelevant.

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Creating A College Dorm Gallery Wall

Coming back to college this year, I knew I wanted to do something a little different with my dorm room. Last year’s decor was great, but I wanted to make my room look a little more mature and not like a typical freshman year dorm. That meant getting rid of the posters and cliché canvases and switching to something more eclectic that I can change out whenever I want!

Want your dorm room to feel more homey? Create a gallery wall! See what I use to make my gallery wall, what items are perfect, and the end result.

Gallery walls can be made as large or as small as you need which is why they’re perfect for a dorm. I don’t have a roommate this year (a perk to being in residence life) which means I have four blank walls to cover. By the end of the year, this gallery wall will probably cover my entire room, but right now I just have it focused over my desk. Plus, I want something pretty to look at when I’m slaving over homework, so the desk is a perfect place!

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College Packing Tips & Tricks

It’s that time! You’ve successfully bought everything you think you need for college and you’re ready to start packing. There’s just one problem: you have no idea where to start. The buying and planning are the fun parts, but the packing just straight up is no fun at all. But, don’t worry! I’m here to show you how I manage to get all of my stuff from my house to my dorm room in one piece with as little headaches as possible! I moved into my dorm just yesterday, and I took lots of pictures along the way and I’ve included them into the post.

College Packing Tips & Tricks for a Successful Move In

First off, the most important this is to not overpack. Yes I know. Trying to get incoming freshman to not overpack is like arguing with a brick wall. It’s just the fact of the matter. But, if you’ve checked out my Ultimate College Packing List, you’ll know exactly what you need to bring and what you can leave at home! None of that extra, unnecessary stuff that a lot of the Pinterest articles cover.

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DIY Canvas Wall Art

I love this time of year because it’s the perfect time to spend a weekend crafting and make so many awesome things for my upcoming dorm room without breaking the bank! As a college student, I don’t have a lot of extra cash sitting around to go and spend $40 on some wall art for my dorm room. Combine my lack of money with an addiction to DIY and the outcome is some pretty awesome canvas art!

Looking for a quick, easy DIY to do this weekend? These DIY canvases are perfect for any dorm or bedroom! // DIY canvas wall art

Today I have a really awesome canvas design that you can totally customize with colors, fonts, monograms, quotes, etc. It’s super versatile, and because you’re making it, the canvas can match any color scheme you throw at it! I made one for my own dorm room (which I can’t wait to use to create my gallery wall with) and made a couple for some friends. All you need is a canvas, some paint, and your creativity! I really hope you enjoy, and if you try this, make sure to send me a picture on Twitter!

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Ultimate College Packing Guide

I can’t believe we’ve actually made it to back-to-school season! It feels like just yesterday I was prancing around the aisles of Target buying everything I thought I needed for college. I mean all those “Ultimate College Packing List” posts had to know exactly what I needed, right? Wrong. Those lists are created probably with a brand in mind and just want you to spend unnecessary money. Truth is, you don’t need a lot of that stuff!

Here's what you actually need to pack for your college dorm! Ultimate college packing list.

Today I’m breaking down what you actually need for your college dorm! Make sure to grab yourself a copy of my packing list so you can be on your way to moving in to your dorm. All of the items on the list I’m providing you are exactly what I used my freshman year! Make sure to check out my Buy This, Not That: Dorm Edition post to see more college packing tips!

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Buy This, Not That: College Dorm Edition

Welcome to back to school! I know this may be super early for some of you, but I move back to USC in just a short week and a half. It’s the time of year where anxious and excited college freshman are swarming Targets across the nation to stock up on “must-have” dorm supplies. Little do these freshman know that they probably won’t use a good majority of the products they buy at the beginning of the year!

Buy This, Not That College Dorm Edition |

Back to school shopping, especially for a dorm, can be extremely expensive. This post is going to provide you with money-saving, budget-friendly options to a lot of products on those “Ultimate College Packing List” Pinterest posts! From storage to coffee makers, this post has you covered.

* This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure.

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