Dorm Room Tour: Fall 2016

Y’all it’s finally here! This semester has gone by so fast that when I looked at my calendar and saw that it was November and I’d yet to publish a dorm room tour post, I about died. I also about died when I looked around my room and saw the disastrous state in which it is currently in and realized I had to make it look Pinterest-worthy in a matter of hours. So, as you can guess from those few sentences, my room is rarely organized, put together, and pretty 24/7. In fact, this is the nicest it’s looked since August so…


A lot of the decor I made myself, and a majority of the bedding, rugs, accessories, etc were purchased for my room last year. Since they were still in perfectly good condition, why not use them for a second year! After all, shopping your own stash is much cheaper and easier than going and buying everything new. All the pictures below include descriptions with links to where you can find the items and/or links to the posts where I crafted said items. Alright, well if I wait any longer, it’ll be January and this dorm room tour will be irrelevant.

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Residence Life: August

Is it weird to say that I’ve been really excited for this first month of working in residence life since February? I knew that when I got this job as a resident mentor back in the spring and I knew that it’d add such a cool perspective to the whole college lifestyle world in which this blog exists. I don’t know if this is going to be a monthly thing or what, but I want to share the door decs and bulletin boards I’ve made thus far!

Residence life door decs & bulletin board ideas

Part of the reason I wanted to be a RM was for the bulletin boards and door decs. I love crafting and DIYing so all of that was right up my alley. This month I have all of my back-to-school boards and door decs! I’m really proud of how everything turned out, and I have so many more amazing boards and door decs planned for the rest of the semester.

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