How I Attempted Vlogmas and Failed Epically

If you couldn’t have guessed by the lack of activity on my YouTube channel lately, I have epically failed at doing Vlogmas. And I’m not using the word “epically” as an exaggeration. I honestly mean epically. But how can I come to that conclusion even when there’s still just a few days left for me to recover? Well, y’all, at this point, Vlogmas is a lost cause. I’m not writing this post as a “oh pity me” or a “please forgive me” but as a reminder that real life and personal health always, always, always come before anything relating to social media. Always. No exceptions.

I really think the message of this post is applicable any time of year, but it’s especially important now that it’s the holidays. I get so caught up in Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, blogging, and everything else that I forget to take time for myself. Not only for myself, but for my family and enjoying the holidays and being in the Christmas spirit.

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It’s Blogmas & Vlogmas Season!

Happy December 1st! Originally I wasn’t going to post today, but how can I not post on December 1st? After all, December is the most wonderful time of year! Also, December 1st is a very important date for people in the blogging and vlogging world. Today marks the beginning of Vlogmas and Blogmas! Have no idea what Blogmas and Vlogmas even are? Well good, keep reading! If you do know, I’m featuring some of my fabulous blogger and YouTube friends who you should definitely check out this holiday season!


First off, let’s talk about what Blogmas and Vlogmas are. Essentially, Blogmas and Vlogmas are a 25 day challenge for online content creators. There’s no official requirements, but you’re supposed to publish something every single day from December 1st until Christmas Day (aka December 25th). It’s content full of holiday goodness and festive fun! I’m not quite sure where the idea originated, but people are integrating the challenge on so many different social platforms – blogs, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it. KEEP READING “It’s Blogmas & Vlogmas Season!”

19th Birthday Recap

19 years old. You know I really remember just yesterday being in elementary school dreaming about being 13. Oh man 13 year-olds were so mature. They were so cool. Now I’m six years past being 13 and I really don’t know how I got here, haha. Middle school and high school passed in the blink of an eye and now I’m sitting here at 19 years old wondering what the heck I want to do with my life.


Anyways, this post is going to be all things celebrating my birthday! I’ve got a haul video and tons of pictures, so brace yourself. Also if you want to check out one of my really old post that covers what I did last year on my 18th birthday, you can see that here. I’m not guaranteeing that post is quality, but it’s really interesting to see A. how much my blogging has improved in one year and B. how similar my birthdays were!

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Five Vloggers to Watch During VLOGMAS!

The month of December is probably one of my most favorite months out of the entire year. So many fun and festive things occur, and there’s nothing like the feeling of the holiday spirit. Aside from decorating, sending cards, watching Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music 24/7, I LOVE watching people’s Vlogmas videos. Vlogmas is similar to Blogmas except it is for vlogging!

vlogmas vloggers to watch

I recently started vlogging, and I am partaking in Vlogmas for the first time this year! I love vlogging, editing, and uploading and when you throw Christmas into the mix, I mean can it really get any better? KEEP READING “Five Vloggers to Watch During VLOGMAS!”

My Six Month Blogiversary

On December 4th, 2015 my blog is officially 6th months old! When I started this blog, I never thought I would get this far. Ok, so maybe I haven’t gotten that far in the grand scheme of the blogging world, but I’m pretty impressed with my 600+ monthly page views at the moment. In case you have absolutely no clue what a blogiversary is, it’s an abbreviated term for blog anniversary. Who wants to say blog anniversary? Blogiversary sounds so much more bloggerish. Us bloggers like to combine and make up new words. Anyways, today I wanted to share my accomplishments with you! I really enjoy reading these posts because I can see where other bloggers came from and that we all didn’t get thousands of page views overnight (although that does happen).


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The Effects of Social Media

The other night before I went to bed, I started thinking about how crazy this world has become. I don’t know about you but if it’s 2 AM, I start thinking about weird stuff and then I just can’t go to sleep. This was one of those nights. Absolute torture for me because I had a major test the next morning at 8 AM. Oh the joys of crazy, late-night thoughts. This post is going to be a little different than my normal college lifestyle posts. This is a partial rant and partially me just trying to figure out this technology-obsessed world.

the world's obsession with social media

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