2015 Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and ate way too much food and had way too much fun. You can check out all the stuff I did on Christmas by checking out my Vlogmas videos on my YouTube channel or by checking out my Christmas Day Recap post. Today I thought I’d share some of the stuff that I got for Christmas. This year, I wasn’t really asking for much. I love all of my gifts so much so a big shout out to all of my family and friends. You all are amazing!

Christmas haul

In this post, I’m featuring five of my favorite gifts, but you can check out my YouTube video for a more in-depth haul!  KEEP READING “2015 Christmas Haul”

Christmas Day Recap

It’s crazy that Christmas is already over! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas or whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate. This year, I spent Christmas at home with my family, and as always, it was so much fun. I thought I’d do a post covering what went down on Christmas day and how I celebrated throughout the holiday season!

Christmas day recap

This year I partook in Vlogmas which was so much fun and also a lot of work. I’m not the most interesting person, so capturing my every day life and trying to make it seem fun was a chore some days 🙂 But, if you want to see what went on during December, you should definitely go check out my YouTube channel!

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Christmas Album Favorites

Ahhh! There’s only three days until Christmas! I hope all of you are having a great time not having to study for finals and just relaxing and hanging out with your family. I know I’ve really enjoyed being home and being able to catch up on sleep! Since it’s the week of Christmas, I thought I’d share my favorite Christmas albums. I mean it is the week of Christmas. It’s basically a rule that you have to listen to Christmas music 24/7!

Christmas music favorites

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10 Nail Polishes for Christmas

I may have a slight obsession with nail polish. I love painting my nails and painting them for the holidays is even more fun! These are my picks for my top 10 nail polishes for Christmas! I’ve included five solids and five glitter top coats!

Christmas nail polish

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Christmas Cookie Round-Up

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is all of the baking! I love baking, and being in college, I am deprived of delicious, homemade baked goods. So, I take full advantage of my time at home and making amazing cookies, cakes, brownies, you name it. I originally wanted to do a Christmas room tour, but if you watch my vlogs, you know I didn’t really decorate my room this year. And then, I wanted to do a gingerbread cookie post. Well I’ve run out of time and that’s a lot of effort in baking and decorating the cookies, let alone trying to photograph each step without getting my camera covered in batter or icing.

christmas cookie roundup

To keep things a little cleaner and a lot less sticky, I decided to do a Christmas cookie round-up! I love doing these because it’s a ton of recipes all in one place. Check out my favorites below. (All of the pictures link directly to the source blog and each blog is hyperlinked in the caption) KEEP READING “Christmas Cookie Round-Up”

DIY Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas less than two weeks away, I thought it was time for some DIY ornaments!! I love DIYs and holiday DIYs are even better. Today I’m going to show you how to make a monogrammed ornament and an adorable gold pine cone ornament. Also, if you check out my vlog channel, you can see all of the behind-the-scenes of me making these! (Plus I’m doing VLOGMAS and you should totally check that out!)

DIY christmas ornaments

Both of these ornaments use very little supplies! Which is great for anyone running on a budget. Alright, let’s get into it!

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