Here’s How I Stopped Procrastinating

How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating | Cover Image

After two and a half years as a college student, I think I finally figured out how to stay on top of all of my assignments and avoid the procrastination train.

Freshman and sophomore year I was pretty bad about leaving things until the last minute. I mean it wouldn’t be super last minute, but I’d definitely put things off way longer than I should have. That caused me so much stress and anxiety, and I totally could’ve avoided that had I just sat down and mapped things out for the entire semester.

Having an organization system that works for me is single-handedly the only way I can stay on top of and even get ahead on my assignments. It’s kind of crazy how designating an hour or so to figure out the semester will save you so much stress in the long run. Here are my tips to avoid procrastination during the school year!

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9 Life Lessons Learned in College

Good morning, y’all! Right now I’m sitting here on a Saturday enjoying the rest of my sparkling white grape juice from the night before while knocking out a ton of blogging related stuff. I was going through a bunch of my old posts looking for some inspiration because lately, I’ve been straight out of inspo. I came across a post I wrote in the fall of 2015 called “5 Things I’ve Learned Since Being in College.” Reading through that list, it really reminded me of how much college has changed in shaped me in ways I never thought possible.

College is more than just what happens in the classroom.

If you’re just starting out in college, or you’re almost done, there’s so much college teaches you about yourself, the world, and others. Today, I wanted to share my updated version of all of the marvelous things college has taught me.

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First Day of College Essentials

Happy official back-to-school everyone! I started classes yesterday, and with every first day of school comes some first day essentials. For those of you who may be heading to college for the first time this year, the first day is super intimidating, scary, and exciting all at the same time. But, don’t fret! I’m here to share my first day of class college essentials because there’s nothing worse than showing up unprepared.

College Essentials for the First Day

First off, embrace and enjoy syllabus week. Syllabus week is the first week of classes because you don’t really do much except go over the syllabus (hence the name). Your professor may mention the class expectations, whether or not you need the textbook, and other important factors for you to be successful throughout the semester.

Clearly there’s not much you physically need for that first day, but success in college comes from a lot more than just a notebook and pretty pen.

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