Ultimate College Packing Guide

I can’t believe we’ve actually made it to back-to-school season! It feels like just yesterday I was prancing around the aisles of Target buying everything I thought I needed for college. I mean all those “Ultimate College Packing List” posts had to know exactly what I needed, right? Wrong. Those lists are created probably with a brand in mind and just want you to spend unnecessary money. Truth is, you don’t need a lot of that stuff!

Here's what you actually need to pack for your college dorm! Ultimate college packing list.

Today I’m breaking down what you actually need for your college dorm! Make sure to grab yourself a copy of my packing list so you can be on your way to moving in to your dorm. All of the items on the list I’m providing you are exactly what I used my freshman year! Make sure to check out my Buy This, Not That: Dorm Edition post to see more college packing tips!

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Buy This, Not That: College Dorm Edition

Welcome to back to school! I know this may be super early for some of you, but I move back to USC in just a short week and a half. It’s the time of year where anxious and excited college freshman are swarming Targets across the nation to stock up on “must-have” dorm supplies. Little do these freshman know that they probably won’t use a good majority of the products they buy at the beginning of the year!

Buy This, Not That College Dorm Edition | livingthegraylife.com

Back to school shopping, especially for a dorm, can be extremely expensive. This post is going to provide you with money-saving, budget-friendly options to a lot of products on those “Ultimate College Packing List” Pinterest posts! From storage to coffee makers, this post has you covered.

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