Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck

ATTENTION CLOSE FRIENDS OF MINE, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS POST. OR IF YOU DO, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. In case you’re living under a rock, Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means the aisles at Target are full of pink, red, and white, and candy lines almost every shelf. I’m not one to love Valentine’s Day. In fact, I’d probably say that it’s my least favorite holiday of the year. Maybe it’s because I’ve been single for 18 out of my 19 Valentine’s Days, but I still dread it every year. This year, though, I’m trying something a little different. Instead of focusing all of my energy on how I’m going to be single for life and will probably be that crazy cat lady, I’m celebrating all of the positive relationships I have with friends and family.

Don't buy in to the consumerism of Valentine's Day. Show your loved ones how much you care by creating your very own handmade Valentines cards! Find out how to make all the cards pictured above in today's post!

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Over the past eight months, I’ve formed friendships with people that are going to last a lifetime, and I want to celebrate that. I’ve also been really into all the cheesy Valentine’s quotes this year, so that’s played a large role in why I decided to not-so-much hate on Valentine’s Day this year. So what’s a better way than incorporating my love for hand lettering with my love for cheesy love quotes than to make a ton of cheesy, hand-made Valentine’s cards??

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Cards for Service

Since being in college, service has become really important to me and the programs that I am a part of. One of requirements for my scholars program is to volunteer and participate in service at some point in the semester. This semester, I wasn’t able to participate in our Service Saturdays(thank you sprained ankle from my spring break trip to Denver), so I now have the opportunity to combine my love of crafting with a service project! In order to fulfill my service requirement, my counselor informed me of a project to create five cards for Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

cards for service cards for hospitalized kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization that delivers cards to kids across the nation that are in the hospital. To me, this is a really awesome opportunity for me to combine my love for crafting and creativity to put a smile on someone’s face!

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