Freshen Up after the Gym in 10 Minutes or Less

Think you don't have time for the gym because you don't have time to shower after your workout? Wrong. This simple 10-minute gym routine will get you in and out of the gym in no time!

Let’s be honest here, one of the main reasons students don’t make it to the gym during their regular weekday is the fear of being sweaty and smelly for their next class. I mean I personally don’t care whether or not I show up to class sweaty because A. it’s usually 32847 degrees and everyone’s sweaty anyways and B. I earned that sweat with a killer workout. With that said, I still try to show up to class looking somewhat presentable even if I just did my oh-so-wonderful leg workout.

This post-gym routine takes about 10 minutes at most and allows me to stay in the gym for as long as possible, which we all know is a plus. Ain’t nobody got time for a 30 minute post gym routine because we all have lives and places to be.

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