A Daily Study Routine

The other day I had a little heart to heart with myself. I need to get my life back on track. This blog is slowly falling off my radar, my grades aren’t up to the standards that I set for myself, and although I love my co-workers and friends, I’m spending way too much time socializing. After all, I’m paying quite a bit of money to go to school and get a degree, and it’s time to start making school more of a priority again. I’m embracing my inner freshman year Abigail and getting back into solid study habits.

Struggling with finding time for friends and school while in college? Here's a daily study routine that works for me to make those A's and B's!

There’s something to be said about having structure in my life. I function better, I’m more organized, and I’m more productive. In order to make it through the semester and still get those A’s and B’s I’m setting out to get, here’s the study routine that I’ve created for myself.

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College Study Tips

If there’s one thing in high school that I didn’t learn, that was how to study. I never had the need to study in high school. School just seemed to come easy to me. Once I got to college, all of that changed. I knew that my study habits that I had acquired in high school just weren’t going to cut it in college. Not studying and procrastination just does not work in college. Here are my study tips for doing well in college! KEEP READING “College Study Tips”