July Haul

Here I am again with yet another haul post! You may be asking “is she running out of post idea? Why so many haul posts?” Well yes I was running out of post ideas, and I totally wanted to do something 4th of July themed because it’s July 1st! But, I have nothing made for 4th of July yet so you all are just going to have to settle for a haul. Don’t just pass this post by because there’s actually some really awesome stuff!

Summer Haul w/ amazing selections from Old Navy, Costco, DSW, & Target

In no way did I buy all of this stuff in one day. We’re talking about collecting this stuff over a couple of weeks. You’re going to see a lot of skin care and clothing because I love me some quality skin care and clothing items! Costco, Old Navy, Target, oh my!


Summer Haul

Hello internet friends! As you may know, I’m back home for the summer, and since moving back, I’ve given away a lot of my clothes because they just don’t fit anymore (thank you to the 10 lbs I gained during freshman year) or they’re just too young-looking for me. I also started an internship yesterday (yay!) and needed some nicer things. So, it was time to hit up the stores to see what I could find!

summer haul old navy, costco, and makeup

Old Navy is always a hit or miss for me, but I am in love with some of their shirts. They typically have really good sales going on all the time. I stopped by this past Saturday just planning to buy maybe two shirts… $74 later, I bought way more than two shirts.

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