Hurricanes & Painting

Rainy days = hot tea, warm blankets, and art projects. No homework, no stress, just a good time spent with friends. This post is going to serve as a little life update and also a look at some of the art projects I’ve been working on.

hurricanes and painting cover

In case you missed it, Hurricane Matthew struck the East Coast of the Untied States this past Thursday and Friday and impacted cities all along the coast. The University of South Carolina canceled classes starting Wednesday through the remainder of the week, and while the break was nice and all, I was so unproductive. I could’ve started on homework, written so many blog posts, or finished my major project for the blog. Instead, I took naps, hung out with my fellow staff members, and wasted my days. But, maybe that’s what I needed. Life has been so hectic since school started, and maybe I just needed some time to myself.

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