Beginner Blogger: Networking & Social Media

Social media is a bane and a blessing for bloggers. It’s the number one way to grow your stats and connect with readers and an amazing way to network with other bloggers! Today I’m going to address which social medias you should be on and how networking with others can lead to amazing opportunities! Oh, if you want to see more of my Beginner Blogger series, make sure to check out the Beginner Blogger page (linked here and at the top of the page). It outlines all of the topics I cover and when they’ll be live on the blog!

Social media for bloggers: Struggling to grasp social media as a blogger? Follow these simple tips to help grow your social platforms!

In case you haven’t figured out, social media and networking are of very high importance in the blogging world. If you’re only posting on your blog and not promoting on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it’s going to be a lot harder for people to find your content. Even if you’re still in the ‘no views some days’ stage, get yourself out there and start working on social media and connecting with other bloggers!

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The Effects of Social Media

The other night before I went to bed, I started thinking about how crazy this world has become. I don’t know about you but if it’s 2 AM, I start thinking about weird stuff and then I just can’t go to sleep. This was one of those nights. Absolute torture for me because I had a major test the next morning at 8 AM. Oh the joys of crazy, late-night thoughts. This post is going to be a little different than my normal college lifestyle posts. This is a partial rant and partially me just trying to figure out this technology-obsessed world.

the world's obsession with social media

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