15 Minute Circuit-Style Workout

15 Minute Circuit Workout

I was inspired to write this post after I read Coffee, Cardio, and Kale’s “Your Best 21 Minute Workout!

My friends and I are going to the beach for Spring Break and they’re wanting to get ready for that. I want to switch things up a bit in my routine and focus on functional fitness and strength training (although this is more cardio/functional fitness than strength training) and have a bit of fun with these Saturday boot camp workouts my friends want me to plan out for them.

I warned them the entire week leading up to our boot camp Saturday workouts that this was going to be a challenging workout, but it’s going to be amazing. So, taking from Coffee, Cardio, and Kale, I’ve put together a little 3-circuit, 15-minute workout that you can do at the gym if you’re looking to switch things up.

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