Beginner Blogger: A Series

Welcome to the overview page of my Beginner Bloggers series! In this series, I want to address the concerns of beginner blogger. I’ve read through so many Pinterest posts on advice for beginners, but I feel like they’re all written by big-time successful bloggers. Not to say that those aren’t quality posts because they are, but when I was first starting out, I wanted someone to tell me how it really is. Yeah some of their tips will help you to gain success in the blogging world, but most beginners aren’t looking for that. Beginner bloggers are looking for reassurance, and that’s really what I hope to provide with this series!

(don’t worry, there’ll be a picture here soon!)

In honor of my one year blogiversary, I want to share what I’ve learned over the past year. I know what it’s like to be a beginner. I’ve learned so much over these past twelve months about running a business (I still call it a business even though I’m making $0 at the current moment) and creating a brand for myself. I wanted to give back to the blogging community and give my side of the story when it comes to being a beginner. These articles are what I wish I had had when I first started.

Below you’ll find the topics I am going to cover and the dates that those posts will be available!

 Beginner Blogger: Blog Stats for beginners  beginner-blogger-cover

Struggling to grasp social media as a blogger? Follow these simple tips to help grow your social platforms!


Let me know if there’s another topic you’d like me to cover! This is for your benefit, and I want to make sure you get the most out of it! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at or leave a comment below!

~abigail gray