Blogger Roundtable


Welcome to the headquarters of Blogger Roundtable!

Blogger Roundtable is a monthly group video chat of 10 bloggers from all over the web. Each month, 10 bloggers are selected from a pool of applicants to participate in the monthly discussion. We cover topics from social media & photography to all things blogging. The chat is broadcast via Google Hangouts On Air. This allows anyone and everyone to tune in to the informative discussions!

The next Blogger Roundtable chat is: TBA

How to Join

If you meet the requirements listed below, fill out the application HERE!


  • Must be an active blogger, posting AT LEAST once a week
  • Have been blogging for a minimum of 3 months

Selection Process

Bloggers are primarily selected based off of interest in the topic for the month and then selected by average page views. In order to have a wide array of viewpoints, we like to have the roundtable consist of bloggers with contrasting page views. This allows for different perspectives! Don’t hesitate to apply if you have low stats! In fact, we encourage you to apply!

Bloggers selected to participate in the given month’s chat will be notified via e-mail of the date and time of the roundtable discussion. The blogger will be give 72 hours to confirm their spot in the discussion. If the blogger cannot make it (which is totally fine! trust me, we all understand life gets in the way!), another blogger will be selected. If the blogger accepts but does not appear in the discussion, the blogger will not be asked to participate in the following month’s roundtable.