What’s In My Gym Bag

Gym Bag Essentials | Get the most out of your workout by having everything you need in your gym bag. Here's what I keep in my gym bag to have the best workouts!

Good morning! I think I start out all of my posts this way, but I’m absolutely stoked for today’s post. It’s been on my list of posts to write for a good long while, but I haven’t felt exactly ready to share what’s in my gym bag. Now, my bag is complete, and I’ve figured out exactly what I need to have amazing workouts and avoid that “oh shoot how did I forget that” moment.

If you are a gym goer and a have a gym bag, I think you understand what I mean by that one. It takes awhile to narrow down what you like and don’t like to keep in your bag. From equipment to food, let’s dive right in to what I’m lugging 20 minutes campus on a daily basis that make my workouts so much better.

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