Hurricanes & Painting

Rainy days = hot tea, warm blankets, and art projects. No homework, no stress, just a good time spent with friends. This post is going to serve as a little life update and also a look at some of the art projects I’ve been working on.

hurricanes and painting cover

In case you missed it, Hurricane Matthew struck the East Coast of the Untied States this past Thursday and Friday and impacted cities all along the coast. The University of South Carolina canceled classes starting Wednesday through the remainder of the week, and while the break was nice and all, I was so unproductive. I could’ve started on homework, written so many blog posts, or finished my major project for the blog. Instead, I took naps, hung out with my fellow staff members, and wasted my days. But, maybe that’s what I needed. Life has been so hectic since school started, and maybe I just needed some time to myself.

hurricane matthew during the storm

Being cooped up in a dorm room all day is no fun. There’s really only so many episodes of a TV show that I can watch before getting extremely bored and start looking for something else to do. Luckily, the university does such a wonderful job organizing events for students to do during unexpected breaks and days off. This year, they had canvas, picture frame, and mason jar painting.


Spending an afternoon crafting is just my thing, so you better bet I was there for at least three hours. During that time, I made a beautiful canvas and coordinating picture frame. I’m so impressed with how they turned out, especially for being in a rush when it came to choosing a design.

live simply canvas

After three hours, my friends were done, and we headed back to the dorms. My creative juices were still flowing so I decided to whip out my watercolors and start painting. I’d drawn out a few designs a couple of days prior that just needed to be filled in.

watercolors and hand lettering

Those watercolors still weren’t enough to satisfy me, so I brought out the hand lettering supplies. About a month ago, I drew out a “it’s pumpkin spice and everything nice season” piece, but my lazy self never gout around to actually finishing it…

hand lettering quotes

I’m working on making my dorm room less dorm-y and more apartment-y in the decor style and created some small hand lettering pieces as well. There’ll be a blog post out soon about how I’m planning on improving the look of my room. And let me tell you, I’m pumped.

hand lettering quotes

Were you affected by Hurricane Matthew? What are your favorite things to craft?

~abigail gray

  • These are all so cute, I love your creativity! I think the canvas and picture frame match perfectly, especially for not planning a theme ahead of time. And your lettering pieces are killing it, as usual. Hope everything is back to normal post storm!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

    • Awww thank you! I think everything is back to normal here on campus and luckily we weren’t hit near as hard as last year with that awful flood. Hope your senior year is going great!

  • Hurricane Matthew didn’t really hit my school because we’re on the west side of Florida… but last Thursday, all afternoon and evening classes were cancelled and so were any events happening on campus that evening, because they were expecting us to get some pretty crazy thunderstorms. We actually hardly got anything haha, but it was fun having some time to do nothing and just chill out!
    All your creations are soo cute and lovely! They’ll look great in your room!

    Stephanie |

    • Thank you so much! I’m so excited to hang them all up once I get some frames for them 🙂 Glad you’re safe and sound after the hurricane!

  • I always love seeing the things you create and your DIYs! That frame looks gorgeous and this is making me want to bust out my sketchbook. Hope everything returns to normal after the storm!!

    paige // eyeliner wings & pretty things

    • Thank you! 🙂 So far, everything is back to normal which is great!

  • These are all such cute art projects!! I love the frame and all the quotes you chose. I can’t wait to see how you’re making your dorm more homey! I’m glad you and your city (apparently) weren’t hurt by the hurricane.

    – Courtney

    • Thank you! I’m heading back home this weekend for fall break and I’ll be picking up all the supplies I need for the project. Can’t wait to share it on the blog!

  • I love the Hey There Delilah quote one! Drawing out the plane, train and car was such a cute idea! I love paiting, but have only ever painted one canvas! I really want to get into watercolors though.

    Caitlyn |

    • Michael’s has an amazing watercolor set, and you can get watercolor paper in the kids crafting section for super cheap. I actually like it way more than regular painting because it’s less hard to screw it up!

  • You are so talented!! I wish my little paintings came out this cute. If you ever get the chance, I would love to see a youtube tutorial on how to make those for your dorm! Can’t wait to see your new decor 🙂

    • That’s actually such a good idea, and I’ll keep that in mind the next time I paint something (which let’s be honest will probably be this weekend because I don’t go out for Halloween…)!