It’s Blogmas & Vlogmas Season!

Happy December 1st! Originally I wasn’t going to post today, but how can I not post on December 1st? After all, December is the most wonderful time of year! Also, December 1st is a very important date for people in the blogging and vlogging world. Today marks the beginning of Vlogmas and Blogmas! Have no idea what Blogmas and Vlogmas even are? Well good, keep reading! If you do know, I’m featuring some of my fabulous blogger and YouTube friends who you should definitely check out this holiday season!


First off, let’s talk about what Blogmas and Vlogmas are. Essentially, Blogmas and Vlogmas are a 25 day challenge for online content creators. There’s no official requirements, but you’re supposed to publish something every single day from December 1st until Christmas Day (aka December 25th). It’s content full of holiday goodness and festive fun! I’m not quite sure where the idea originated, but people are integrating the challenge on so many different social platforms – blogs, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it.

So why am I getting so excited about this whole Blogmas and Vlogmas thing anyways? Well, if you followed my blog and YouTube channel last year, you’ll know that I did Vlogmas last year. And guess what!? I’m doing Vlogmas again this year! Y’all I’m so stoked, and I have so many cool ideas for how to make the daily videos so much more interesting (one of which being using some of the ideas from Kayla’s Vlogmas post!).


I’m talking Q&A’s, blogging tips & tricks, daily vlogs, fitness stuff (maybe), and so much more! If there’s anything you want me to address in a video, leave suggestions in the comments below 🙂 I really want to do a Q&A so feel free to leave some questions as well!

I’m also going to be attempting to do Blogmas, but there’s no promises there. With finals week next week, wisdom teeth surgery, and traveling for the holidays, it might be a bit of a struggle for me to post every single day, but definitely know that there’ll be more posts than my usual twice a week schedule!

So here’s who you should check out this holiday season:


Kayla of Kayla Blogs


Lauren of Daily Dose of Charm


Shannon of Endless May


Zoella from More Zoella 



Ashley of A Little Ashley


Gabby & Hannah of The Swirl


Jessica of Jessica Slaughter


Katelyn of Katelyn Blogs


Are you doing Blogmas or Vlogmas this year? If you’re not a blogger or vlogger, do you like reading Blogmas posts and watching Vlogmas videos? Who’s your favorite vlogger or blogger participating in Blogmas and/or Vlogmas this year?

~abigail gray