A Gift Guide for the Gym Junkie

Happy Holidays, y’all! It’s time for gift guides, Vlogmas, and holiday crafts, so brace yourself! Today I have the first of three gift guides I am releasing this year. If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time in 2016, you know that I’m obsessed with fitness, so of course the first gift guide I am releasing is perfect for every gym junkie out there. All of these items are things that I’d love to get and stuff that I currently own, have tried, or have on my wish list for this year! Keep in mind that every gym junkie’s needs are different, but most of these items would work for anyone.

FITNESS GIFT GUIDE. Perfect gifts for the gym junkie in your life. All under $20! | Gym Junkie Gift Guide

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Make sure to stay tuned every week for a new gift guide! In the mean time, check out my gift guide perfect for friends. Have a specific gift guide you’d like to see on the blog? Let me know!

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It seems that every year, Secret Santa becomes more and more popular. And to be honest, I love it! This year I am taking part in a blogger Secret Santa, and these are some of the items I got for mine! I’m actually really excited with how it all turned out. These ideas are in no way just for bloggers, in fact, they will work for just about anyone! (Also, as I was editing these pictures, some of them are out of focus and I have no idea why. Technology, again, just didn’t want to cooperate.)

secret santa gift ideas

Stationery. This is a no-brainer for bloggers. We love cute stationery to take pictures of and just have around. Tuesday Morning has a wonderful selection of tumblr-worthy stationery, and they’re really affordable! That’s a plus, especially for a college student. KEEP READING “Secret Santa Gift Ideas”

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

If there’s one time of year that I love the most, it’s the holiday season. This is actually my first post of the holiday season! I cannot wait for all of the posts I have planned for December. You better be ready. Anyways, back to the point of this post. I love looking at gift guides and wishlists because they always seem to have something for everyone. Now this gift guide isn’t specifically for bloggers, but these are the things that we like. I think any of these gifts would work well for really any girl. You can click on all of the images in this post and it will take you directly to the website where I found them! Enjoy!

holiday gift guide friends

For friends, I really like to focus on things that they’ll use on an everyday basis or would be helpful in their life. I keep track of things that they say they’d like whenever we’re out, and then I can go back later and surprise them! I’d much rather give them something like stationery or makeup brushes than a gift card somewhere.

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