Overnight Oats: The Lazy College Student’s Solution to Healthy Breakfasts

Never make excuses for unhealthy breakfast choices again. Overnight oats are the perfect solution for college students and people constantly on the go!

There’s definitely a point every semester in college where I’ve given up on waking up early enough to make myself a healthy breakfast and instead opt for a sugar-filled granola bar to get me through the morning. Or even worse, when I still had a meal plan, I’d head over to Einstein’s and grab a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Considering the fact I did that on almost a daily basis, I now see why I gained 10+ pounds my freshman year.

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Debunking Pinterest Fitness B.S.

Sometimes if I’m in need of a good laugh or something to raise my spirits, I’ll hop on to Pinterest and go straight to the “fitness” category. Sure there are some great, quality, informative posts on there, but the majority of the posts under the “fitness” category are straight up b.s. At first I laugh at how absurd some of these infographics are, but then I realize that people actually believe this stuff. I mean we’re talking about these “Get a Flat Stomach in One Week” pins having tens of thousands of repins. That’s insane.

Ever come across Pinterest fitness articles and don't know how to separate fact from fiction? Look no further!

Pinterest is a wonderful tool, and in fact I use it all the time if I’m looking for a circuit workout to do or if I’m just trying to switch things up. But, just like a lot of things on the Internet, the facts just aren’t there for some of the articles. I’m going to highlight some of the ridiculous fitness pins I’ve found on Pinterest over the past few weeks/months because we all need a good laugh now and again.

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My Supplement Stack

Happy Friday, y’all! This post has been one that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I was very concerned that people wouldn’t want to read it. But is that really the point of this blog — writing things only for the sake of others might want to read? The answer to that is no. I’m here to be my true, authentic self and to talk about things that I love! And today that just happens to be the supplements that I’m taking at the moment, which is also known as a supplement stack.

I feel like when you tell people who aren’t in the fitness industry that you’re taking supplements, their immediate thought is “OMG you’re on steroids.” And honey, no. That is far far far from the truth. Supplements are intended to help fill nutritional gaps and take training to the next level. They’re not miracle substances that will get you a six-pack or make you ripped. But they will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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A Year in the Gym

In May of 2016 I started on a journey, and little did I know how in that one decision my entire life would change direction and I would feel like I had a purpose again. I’ve talked about how the gym has changed my life so many times on this blog that I probably sound like a broken record, but it’s the truth. Never in my life have I felt happier, more confident, and determined to achieve my goals.

It's amazing what a year can do. Check out my one year weight training transformation.

So, here’s the story of how I stopped saying “I wish I had a body like that” to saying “I’m proud of this body that I work for everyday.”

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Protein Bars: The Breakdown

Let’s be honest, the world of protein bars and snack bars is so overwhelming and complicated. You walk through the snack bar aisle in the grocery store and there’s just shelves and shelves of what companies claim to be nutritious, healthy, and guilt-free options. While I’m not trying to bash protein bars and snack bars, most of the time they’re none of those things.

Some protein and granola bars are nutritionally identical to candy bars. Here's what to look for in a protein bar to really get the nutrients you need. A majority of protein and snack bars are basically just candy bars disguised as “healthy” options. In this post I’m going to break down one of my all-time favorite granola bars the Quaker Chewy Granola Bars in Chocolate Chip to one of my most favorite candy bars. It’s honestly shocking how similar the two nutrition labels are. Then I’m going to go into all of my favorite protein bars at the moment. I typically eat one a day so I have a whole list of favorites!

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Food Is Your Friend

Here’s the thing, y’all. I’m tired of hearing all of these ads for quick fixes, magic pills, diet trends, and juice cleanses. I’m tired of social media glorifying the idea that the less you eat, the skinner you’ll be. I’m saddened by the fact that so many girls are starving themselves in order to get that ideal “model” body that only those with the genetics, trainers, and nutritionists can barely reach. I’m tired of girls and women being afraid of carbs, afraid of fats, and thinking that 1,000 calories is enough. I’m tired of food being viewed as the enemy.

Food is not the enemy but your fad diet is.

Food is fuel. Food is energy. Food is vital to anyone’s health. FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY. The other night when as I was in the shower being hit with inspiration for this post, I kept thinking of Bruce from Finding Nemo and how he says “fish are friends not food.” Anyways, it’s taken me a long while to develop a healthy relationship with food, and all I want is for you to do the same. Being flooded by the media about how food is the enemy doesn’t help, but I swear, once you start viewing food in a positive light, it’ll change your life.

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