My Christmas Wishlist

My 2017 Christmas Wishlist | Cover

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a Christmas wishlist post. Honestly, the last time I did one of these since Christmas 2015. Y’all that was so long ago! That was when this blog was a teeny tiny little thing on the Internet.

I was inspired to do one of these because a lot of my blogger friends started posting their Christmas wishlists, and I wanted to join the party.

Christmas is just a mere 2 weeks away (how is that possible), and I’m getting more and more into the holiday spirit every day. Alright, enough about the holiday season. Let’s get into my Christmas wishlist!

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Project Comeback: The First Week Back

Hello, hello!

Welcome to the first installment of a new series here on the blog called Project Comeback. The title was inspired by SarahsDay, one of my favorite fitness YouTubers. She does these Project Comebacks on the regular, and I love the inspiring message behind them, so I thought I’d jump on the train as well.

If you don’t know, I’ve been out of the gym for the past 5 weeks. It’s been 5 of the hardest weeks of my life because, in one day, the one thing in my daily routine that made me the happiest was taken away from me.

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November Recap & Chit Chat

Hello & happy Friday!

My oh my what a month it’s been. November is probably my 2nd favorite month of the year because the weather is finally cool, the leaves are stunning, and I get to stuff my face with delicious food.

A lot has happened this month, hence the reasoning behind why I haven’t been posting a lot on social media or the blog. KEEP READING “November Recap & Chit Chat”

What I’m Taking Home for Thanksgiving

What I'm Packing for Thanksgiving | Cover Image

Hello, hello!

I know it’s Wednesday, and I don’t usually post on Wednesdays. To be completely honest, I spent all weekend with the boyfriend and I totally forgot to write a post for yesterday (Tuesday). It’s also been a hot minute since I’ve posted, and I’ve got a whole explanation post lined up for either this Friday or next week. Hopefully, I’m back for good or at least for awhile.

Anyways, I’m coming to you on this lovely day before Thanksgiving with a little bit of a different post. I texted Caitlyn (aka my blogging bestie) about whether or not I should do a ‘What I Packing for Thanksgiving’ post, and her response was, “Yes because I’m nosy and I literally started packing last night lol.” So here we are with all the things I’m taking home for Thanksgiving.

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October Recap & Chit Chat

Hello hello, and happy Tuesday!

To be quite honest, I originally planned for this post to go live last Friday. It feels kinda weird to be posting a chit chat post on a Tuesday because I usually keep my personal/informal posts for Fridays. But, life got in the way and I had to head home for the weekend so this post didn’t get published.

Usually when the month is over, I’m in shock that time flew by that fast, and I get kinda sad because I’ll never get that month back. I don’t know what it is about this year, but November 1st hit, and I was immediately like MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY HOLIDAYS LET IT SNOW. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve been this excited for the holidays since I was a kid.  I’m ready for the world to turn into a wonderland of red, green, and gold and have festive music blasting through the speakers and drinking tea by the fire in my cat pajama pants all while watching Christmas Vacation.

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Recent Purchases: Fall 2017

Recent Purchases: Fall 2017

Hello, hello! I’m so sorry that there wasn’t a post for last Friday, but as you’ll see in this Friday’s chit chat post (or if you saw this post on Insta), there’s a bit of a reason behind why I was M.I.A. But here we are, it’s Tuesday, and today I’ve got a recent purchases post coming at you. I mean clearly you knew what this post was about if you read the title…

I’m not going to lie, I was 100% inspired to do this post thanks to Kayla over at Kayla Blogs. She did a recent purchases post, and I was like, “you know, I just took a little self-care trip to Marshall’s, and I’m sure other people want to see the stuff I bought.”

But really I just wanted an excuse to show off my new coffee mugs.

I will say that from now until Thanksgiving-ish, I’m really going to watch my budget and my unnecessary self-care trips to Target and Marshall’s because the holidays are coming up and I’ve got a lot of Secret Santa’s to participate in. *wink wink to all the bloggers out there*

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