Fall 2016 Semester Goals

Ever since I started this blog back in June of 2015, I’ve written out my goals for each semester. There’s just something about solidifying my goals in a blog post that makes me more likely to complete them. This semester is no different, and the outcomes of my goals have definitely changed since last year. I’m focusing more on improving myself both mentally and physically instead of the social aspects of my life.


I was so focused on school and doing well last year, that I let my mental health fall. Instead of letting myself fall back into that place, I’ve set goals to keep me motivated, happy, and involved. After all, if I’m not happy with myself, how can I be truly happy around other people? Not only am I working on improving myself, I also have a ton of fun things lined up this semester! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

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Spring Semester Goals

Well, Christmas break is now over and school has started. I’m currently eating my second salad of the week and writing this post in our student union, both of which are part of my New Year’s resolutions and goals! Last semester I really didn’t write a semester goals post. Instead I wrote a freshman year goals post. While I thought that was a good idea then, I’ve now realized that taking college semester by semester is the way to go. So lets see if I can tackle these second semester goals!


First semester was a HUGE change for me. New city, new state, new school and no friends. I think I grew a lot as a person and made some realizations about myself and other people along the way.  This semester I’m really going to try and focus on bettering myself and, hopefully, finding my place in college.

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2016 Blogging Goals

2016 is here! Happy New Year! Well, this post is like three weeks after the New Year, but I’m actually writing it on January 1st. You see, scheduling plays a big role in my blog. 2015 was such an amazing year for me. I mean I started this blog! And, last month I passed 1,000 page views!! I love setting goals for myself. For example, check out my New Year’s Resolutions/Goals post. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a big year for me if I just stick with blogging.


Overall, I think one of my major goals for this year is to stop worrying about the numbers. When I first started blogging, I would check my stats probably 20+ times a day. That’s no exaggeration either. I’ve gotten better about not checking them but once every day or every other day. Numbers don’t define the quality of your content.

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My Six Month Blogiversary

On December 4th, 2015 my blog is officially 6th months old! When I started this blog, I never thought I would get this far. Ok, so maybe I haven’t gotten that far in the grand scheme of the blogging world, but I’m pretty impressed with my 600+ monthly page views at the moment. In case you have absolutely no clue what a blogiversary is, it’s an abbreviated term for blog anniversary. Who wants to say blog anniversary? Blogiversary sounds so much more bloggerish. Us bloggers like to combine and make up new words. Anyways, today I wanted to share my accomplishments with you! I really enjoy reading these posts because I can see where other bloggers came from and that we all didn’t get thousands of page views overnight (although that does happen).


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November Goals

I originally wasn’t going to upload a post today, but then I didn’t want to not upload. I have had so much stuff going on this week and today. I’m going back home for a football game tomorrow and will be returning back at school on Sunday. That means little to no time to do homework or write blog posts! I know! While I was in class this morning (I only have one class on Fridays. What a blessing.), I thought about doing a November goals post. I saw Kenzie from SincerelyKenz did one, check it out here, and I wanted to do one myself! KEEP READING “November Goals”

College Goals: Freshman Year

College. No parents, few rules, and a huge responsibility. I’ve been waiting to go to college for years now, craving independence and freedom. I think with any new experience, I always have goals in mind. What am I looking to get out of this experience? Well, my friends, today I have my college goals for you! Some of these may be completely unreasonable, but sometimes you have to dream big, right? KEEP READING “College Goals: Freshman Year”