What I’m Taking Home for Thanksgiving

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Hello, hello!

I know it’s Wednesday, and I don’t usually post on Wednesdays. To be completely honest, I spent all weekend with the boyfriend and I totally forgot to write a post for yesterday (Tuesday). It’s also been a hot minute since I’ve posted, and I’ve got a whole explanation post lined up for either this Friday or next week. Hopefully, I’m back for good or at least for awhile.

Anyways, I’m coming to you on this lovely day before Thanksgiving with a little bit of a different post. I texted Caitlyn (aka my blogging bestie) about whether or not I should do a ‘What I Packing for Thanksgiving’ post, and her response was, “Yes because I’m nosy and I literally started packing last night lol.” So here we are with all the things I’m taking home for Thanksgiving.

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July Recap & Chit Chat

Hello and happy Friday! of Fri-yay as we like to say here in the blogging world!

Originally I was going to publish a post all about this new plant protein I’ve been trying, but I decided I needed to do something a bit more personal. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve just sat down and talked with you.

Lord, I honestly think it’s been since February. Let me just say a lot has happened since February.

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July Haul

Here I am again with yet another haul post! You may be asking “is she running out of post idea? Why so many haul posts?” Well yes I was running out of post ideas, and I totally wanted to do something 4th of July themed because it’s July 1st! But, I have nothing made for 4th of July yet so you all are just going to have to settle for a haul. Don’t just pass this post by because there’s actually some really awesome stuff!

Summer Haul w/ amazing selections from Old Navy, Costco, DSW, & Target

In no way did I buy all of this stuff in one day. We’re talking about collecting this stuff over a couple of weeks. You’re going to see a lot of skin care and clothing because I love me some quality skin care and clothing items! Costco, Old Navy, Target, oh my!


Long Lasting Nails at Home

Nail polish has two moods. It’ll be cooperative and will last for upwards of a week, or it’ll want to ruin your life and chip within a day or two. I always feel like I’m wasting so much of my time painting my nails because I end up having to repaint them every two or three days! I’d had enough of that and sought after a way to make my nail polish last.

Want long lasting nails without the salon price? Find out how one product will make long lasting nails at home a piece of cake!

Browsing through the Internet and Pinterest one day, I stumbled across this product that everyone RAVES about. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to achieve long lasting nails at home. What is it, you may be asking?

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5 Outfits for a Summer Internship

Summer is in full swing, and for those of us lucky enough to snag an internship for the summer, we’re spending our mornings stressing over what to wear. The typical college look of Nike shorts and a t-shirt just won’t cut it. We’re advised to dress smart casual or business casual on a daily basis, and with a small income that can be hard to achieve. Today I’m sharing my 5 outfits for a summer internship!

Internship Outfits. What to wear for a summer internship. 5 outfits for a summer internship.

All of these pieces came straight from my closet. Except for the pants, there was no additional purchasing of clothes! And I’m pretty proud about that! I tried my best to find the links to all off the items or at least find some sort of similar option. Hope you enjoy!

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Summer Haul

Hello internet friends! As you may know, I’m back home for the summer, and since moving back, I’ve given away a lot of my clothes because they just don’t fit anymore (thank you to the 10 lbs I gained during freshman year) or they’re just too young-looking for me. I also started an internship yesterday (yay!) and needed some nicer things. So, it was time to hit up the stores to see what I could find!

summer haul old navy, costco, and makeup

Old Navy is always a hit or miss for me, but I am in love with some of their shirts. They typically have really good sales going on all the time. I stopped by this past Saturday just planning to buy maybe two shirts… $74 later, I bought way more than two shirts.

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